Call for Applicants: Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) Volunteer Peer Reviewer Training Opportunity Applications now available:

Call for Applicants:  Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) Volunteer Peer Reviewer Training Opportunity  Applications now available:

  •  Are you planning on attending the NYS TESOL 49th Annual Conference? 
  •  Do you work in a post secondary setting? 
  •  Are you interested in new professional development opportunities?   

The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) is pleased to announce a training event for volunteer peer reviewers to be held in conjunction with the NYS TESOL 49th Annual Conference November 14-16, 2019 in White Plains, NY. 

CEA Reviewer Training will be provided by CEA staff on Thursday and Friday, November 14-15, 2019. This special opportunity represents the mutual commitment on the part of CEA and NYS TESOL to promote the interests of post secondary level faculty, staff and administrators. Prospective reviewers must apply to the CEA Reviewer Selection Committee in order to be approved as reviewers before being formally invited to attend the Reviewer Training workshop. 
There is no fee for the training, and participants are encouraged to register for and attend the NYS TESOL 49th Annual Conference (early registration deadline September 1). For more information about the NYS TESOL 49th Annual Conference, please see

Who is a CEA Peer Reviewer? 
CEA is the only specialized accreditation agency for post-secondary English language programs. CEA peer reviewers are volunteers who are knowledgeable about postsecondary English language programs and institutions and the field of ESL and language teaching in general. CEA peer reviewers have experience with accreditation, self-study and/or program evaluation and must meet CEA’s established reviewer criteria to be accepted to participate in a Reviewer Training Workshop. 
What does a CEA Peer Reviewer do? 
Reviewers are volunteers who perform two essential functions in the CEA accreditation process: They review programs and institutions that voluntarily request peer review; and they provide a written report of the review to the Commission. Most reviewers typically go on two site visits each year. Site visits are two and a half days, and CEA covers all expenses for peer reviewers. 
How can someone become a CEA Peer Reviewer? 
Reviewer requirements: 
• earned graduate degree in a discipline related to language instruction and educational administration (masters in TESOL or closely related field highly preferred)..
 • qualified professional at the post-secondary level with demonstrated involvement in professional activities.
• expertise in one or more domains of knowledge related to program or institution operations and some experience in the self-study process, especially in the areas of program accreditation and/or administration.
 • effective communicator with demonstrated communication skills, team-building skills, and report-writing skills. 
Application materials can be found on the CEA Website at
The application requires a cover letter, completed Reviewer Application Form and a resume.   

Please apply before September 15, 2019 in order to participate at this training. 
CEA offers other reviewer training opportunities. 
➢ The training workshop is free to potential reviewers; however, CEA does not subsidize the cost of transportation, lodging, or meals for your trip to the workshop. 
➢ More information about the workshop will be provided if your application is approved and you are invited to participate in the Reviewer Training Workshop. 
If you have questions about the application and training process or reviewer qualifications, please contact Melissa Van De Wege, Accreditation Review Manager at [email protected] 
This workshop is not open to the public and is not part of the NYS TESOL 49th Annual Conference registration process. 
You do not need to register or attend the NYS TESOL 49th Annual Conference in order to participate in the workshop. Attendance at the training workshop is separate from attendance at the NYS TESOL 49th Annual Conference.  

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