English Learner Support Services & Giving Day

English Learner Support Services kindly requests you consider their non-profit on March 1, 2018 — Fairfield County Giving Day

English Learner Support Services  of Fairfield County is a nonprofit organization [ Section 501 (c)(3) ]. It was established to address the academic support needs of the English language learner (ELL) population. ​Many of the students we serve are newly arrived immigrants. Some have experienced limited or interrupted education due to war, civil unrest, or severe poverty in their native countries. These students face both academic and socioeconomic challenges and require additional educational services to ensure that they graduate high school and gain entrance into colleges or postsecondary certificate programs. Our primary goal is to help close the achievement gap in Fairfield County. Hence, the ELSS board of directors is comprised of former and current university instructors who have extensive experience in working with the ELL population.

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