Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in Applied Linguistics & TESOL — 2017 2nd Edition

*Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in Applied Linguistics & TESOL *has just made available our *second 2017 issue*! We invite you to review the Table of Contents below and then visit our website to review articles and items of interest <https://tesolal.columbia.edu/>.

Hope you enjoy our new issue and happy reading!

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*Language for Specific Purposes Testing: A Historical Review *1-8

Scott E. Grapin

*Corrective Feedback in Written Synchronous and Asynchronous *9-27

*Computer-Mediated Communication*

Farah S. Akbar


*Exploring the Possibilities of Scenario-based Assessment: An
Introduction *i-ii

Jorge Beltrán & Rongchan Lin

*A Learning-oriented Assessment Perspective on Scenario-based Assessment *28-35

Brian A. Carroll

*Assessing L2 Academic Speaking Ability: The Need for a Scenario-based

*Assessment Approach*

Yuna Seong

*Book Reviews*

*Discourse Analysis: The Questions Discourse Analysts Ask and How They Answer Them*

Carol Hoi Yee Lo

*Domains and Directions in the Development of TBLT

Haimei Sun

*Readers’ Credits*

*Readers’ Credits for Volume 17, Issue

Nadja Tadic

*APPLE Award Winning Papers in AL & TESOL*

*Interlanguage Pragmatic Development and L2 Request Behavior: A Critical

*Review of the Literature for Emergent Use of “Polite” Requests *

Daniel Eskin

*Immigrant/Learner, Affiliate, Author, Expert: The Intersections of L2

*Writing, Identity, and Computer-Mediated Communication*

Dani Scheffler
Nadja Tadic
*Editor, *Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in Applied
Linguistics & TESOL
*http://tesolal.columbia.edu/ <http://tesolal.columbia.edu/>*


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