Executive Committee

First Year Co-Chair Eloy Jaramillo Second Year Co-Chair Pam Loh
Recording Secretaries Bradley Manwaring  Treasurer William Thomas
Membership Secretary Meg Cooney Past Chair Maggie Stevens Lopez


Adult Ed. Representative Aileen Halloran Vocational Education Representative Laura Vega
Bilingual Education Representative  Vacant IEP Representative Vacant
Community College Representative Vacant Teacher Ed. Representative Joy Jo
Elementary Ed. Representative Katherine Feltes Higher Ed. Representative Barbara McCleary
Secondary Education Representative Violeta Kovaci Advocacy Representative Violeta Kovaci
Student Representative Vacant CT State Department of Education Representative Megan Alubicki Flick
Members-at-Large David Bruno, Glorianne Rusate, Barbara Brozek

Appointed Positions

Newsletter Editors Christina Jaramillo Webmaster Jennie Farnell
Social Media Specialist  Billy Conroy


CT Council of Language Teachers Liaison Dorothy Mulford CT Administrators of Programs for ELLs Liaison Sally Vernaglia
LASErS Liaison Jessie Lavorgna


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